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The Cancer Services Program is funded by New York State and the federal government. The program provides breast, cervical, and colorectal screenings FREE to women aged 40 years and older, and men ages 50 years and older who are uninsured or underinsured and who are at or below 250% of the federal poverty level, currently:

  $2,257/month or below for a family of 1    $3,086/month or below for a family of 2

 Some women under 40 years of age are also eligible for mammograms if they have a family history of breast cancer or an abnormal breast  finding.


In addition to cancer screening services, the program provides case management services to assist individuals who require diagnostic follow-up after their initial screenings.    Case Management services help with:

                         Navigating the health care system

                 Obtaining child care services

                 Obtaining translation services

                 Overcoming barriers

 If an individual is diagnosed with breast, cervical or colorectal cancer through the program, it is likely that they will be eligible for a special Medicaid insurance while they are receiving cancer treatment.

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What is cancer?        Breast Cancer             Cervical Cancer        Colorectal Cancer


To send an email for additional information please contact:   Dawn Bush

Breast, Cervical and Colon Cancer Screening:

Eligible clients are able to received clinical breast exams, mammograms, Pap tests and colorectal cancer screening through fecal tests. Clients receiving positive screening tests also receive diagnostic testing and are referred to treatment if needed. Eligible clients are also enrolled in the Medicaid Cancer Treatment Program for Medicaid coverage for the duration of their breast, cervical, colorectal or prostate cancer treatment.   For more information, please contact the cancer services provider in your county, or dial 1-866-442-2262

Cancer Services program of Allegany and Cattaraugus Counties:

Allegany County Department of Health 3

453 B. Route 417, East Wellsville, NY 14895

Phone: 585-593-4839

Livingston-Wyoming Cancer Prevention Partnership

University of Rochester- Livingston-Wyoming Cancer Prevention Partnership

5362 Mungers Mill Rd., Silver Springs, NY 14550

Phone: 800-588-8670

Cancer Screening Partnership of Ontario, Seneca and Yates

OSY Cancer Services Partnership Information

Ontario County Community Health Services

3019 County Complex Drive, Canandaigua, NY 14424

Phone: 585-396-4559

Cancer Screening Partnership of Wayne County

Wayne County Public Health Services

Via Health of Wayne Driving Park Avenue, Newark, NY 14513

Phone: 315-332-2255

NYS Cancer Services Program Partnership of Chemung and Schuyler Counties

Broome County Health Department

220 Steuben Street, Montour Falls, NY 14865

Phone: 607-535-9174

Wellness Council of the Southern Tier- Steuben County

411 Canisteo Street, Hornell, NY 14843

Phone: 607-324-8103 .


YNN Interviews Dodie Baker, Cancer Survivor

The tiny Rushville Library is Dodie Baker's pride and joy. "It isn't just a library in this village," Dodie says. "It's kind of a community."

For Dodie, taking over the Rushville Library and reading center was her way to give back to a three-county community; one that gave so much to her and her husband, Ted.  It was three years ago when Dodie first felt the lump in her breast.  "I was talking to my brother on the phone... and I had an itch," she says. "And that's when I found the lump." Her husband Ted immediately knew his wife had to be tested, but as a production manager in a small AM radio station, neither he nor Dodie had sufficient insurance to support the cost. That's when Cancer Services of Ontario, Seneca & Yates Counties, stepped in to help, paying for the cost of the screening. When the screen came up positive for breast cancer, though, Dodie and Ted were back at square one. "Almost right away, I think we said, 'Okay: we'll deal with each day as it comes, we'll get the best information we can," says Ted.

Much of the help in that process also came from Cancer Services, an organization that had made its mission to help cancer victims, no matter what. "Last year alone, our partnership screened 365 people," says Mary Beer, Ontario County Public Health Director, who runs the Cancer Services program. "And out of those individuals, about fifty of them had things that needed to be followed-up on." In Dodie's case and others, Cancer Services pays for colorectal, cervical or breast cancer screenings for at-risk patients without health insurance. If a non-malignant tumor is found at those screenings, the service secures initial cancer treatments for free through a state grant. They also help the patient to get insured. Despite the public funding, officials insist it goes beyond just a welfare or entitlement program. "It's for many people that are working but don't have insurance," says Beer. "So we're trying to get to these people, because that's a barrier to care." "It's difficult enough for people that have the kind of support that we did," says Ted Baker, offering a personal endorsement of the program. "I can't imagine what it's like for people that don't have that kind of support."

For Ted and Dodie, life has had a happy and cancer-free ending, thanks to Cancer Services. "I think cancer can make someone feel very much alone," says Ted. "And that's the whole point of this Cancer Services partnership: you don't have to be alone." "Don't be afraid or ashamed," offers Dodie.  "This is your life."